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Midnightclan.we'll be waiting, at the stroke of midnight.

Personal Message (Offline) LEOPARD

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Welcome! I'm spottedstar,leader of midnightclan. This is a new clan,that just got started. I started this clan with the help of our warrior ansestors. they sent me a dream to put together midnight clan. Enjoy!
All u need to know about the Clan!

the territory.
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the history
(click to show/hide)
The prey!
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The sign up form!
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The cats
red=girl blue=boy
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My form!
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Mates~ and crushes-!
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Mentors and appr.!
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Personal Message (Offline) .:Thrushpelt loves Peeta!:.

  • I love Peeta hes mine so stay away!!
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  • It za me! Lovecats2218!
personality:Kind caring//loyal brave//storng and aggrisive only for the sake of her clan
appearance:Brown with white dapples green eyes//brown with a tabby brown foot//dark brown tabby with white tail tip fluffy tail yellow eyes
crush:Brakenfoot has a crush on Spottedstar
other:sisters and brther.
When life gives you lemons, THROW THEM AT TIGERSTAR'S BIG, FAT, FACE! Whenever u say, "Tigerstar" go, "DUN DUN DUN!" REMEMBER KIDS, if u play with fire THROW THE fire at TIGERSTAR'S FAT TOOSHIE! http://i42.tinypic.com/33tqoad.jpg

Team Edward!
I love Peeta!!

Human At Brith,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Wolf At Heart!


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name: Dawnpaw/Midnightmoon
rank:Apprentice/ Deputy?
personality:Snobby but if you get to know her shes really nice/Strict but kind and make sure evryone is feeling good and safe.
appearance: Orange with black eyes/Sleek black fur with hazel eyes
gender: Female/Female
mate:No one/ No one


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Name: Nightwonders
Rank: Medicine Cat
Gender: SHe-Cat
Appearence: Small black she-cat with one emerald green eyes and one ocean-blue eye.
Personality: Gentle, Sometimes snappy,Caring
Crush: EWWW
Mate: Nuh-Uh
Kits: Nope.


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name: SorrelSplash and CrowWhisper
rank: Warrior and Deputy.
personality: SS: Meet in IC. CW: Meet in IC.
appearance: SorrelSplash:


gender: She-cat/Tom.
mate: None yet.
crush: SS: Likes no one yet. CW: Likes Dapplefeather
kits: None.
other: There brother and sister.


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Let's just see who she chooses.



I IS HERE!!! Is you happy i came?

Personal Message (Offline) LEOPARD

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happpy are u kidding?!?!? >:( im OVERJOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ME SO HAPPPY U CAME!
oh and.....
i will pull names for deputy cause 3 people wana be so...... :D

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